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Our Well-Trained & Experienced Doctors are now always available at Your Service. Booking an Appointment was never so easy, but now it is. Just a Few Clicks and Your Health Consultation is Booked. Try it & Get the Solutions for All Your Health Concerns from Anywhere.

Why Choose Planet Ayurveda Team of Doctors?

  • 100% Safe – Our medications are safe and have no side effects. Our medicines work on the root cause of the disease.
  • Visible Results – Results of our treatment are visible within a time-span of a month. Our renowned specialists work on the cause of the disorder and fix it completely.
  • Personalized Diet Chart – At Planet Ayurveda, we’ll help patients alter their daily dietary schedule to bring positive changes. We believe in providing a sustainable yet effective diet plan to cure the cause of illness.
  • Regular Follow-up – To ensure a check on the patient’s progress, our experts call the patient every month. We’ll analytically observe your progress reports and provide helpful recommendations on the same.

Important Guidelines:-

  1. You can buy 2 slots if you want to speak for a longer duration.
  2. Please write your full name along with City, State and Country in the “Name | City / State | Country” box.
  3. Please write your health concerns in the “Comments/Questions” box.
  4. Kindly keep a pen and notebook ready if you need to write down anything important about diet or herbs.
  5. It’s better to write down Generic name of your ongoing medicines and tell them to our expert when online.


  1. Call will be automatically disconnected after completion of your booking duration.
  2. This service is valid for Indian Patients only.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:-

Once Booked, if you opt for cancellation of appointment it will lead to 25% deduction in Paid Fee Amount.